Well, to answer that question, you cannot ask a dinosaur right? (I hear they have really strong opinions anyway) I do love the news, especially science in the news. Global warming? Just a theory. Pollution? Makes me sick. Gene therapy? To be handled gently. All of these become a non-issue with the onset of active volcanoes. This one in Iceland is purging debris high into the atmosphere and bringing European air travel to a standstill. With the increase in seismic activity, they expect another fissure to appear to belch even more debris. I have watched most of the disaster movies and marveled at the special effects. This is real life. I am usually a person with a plan B, and I realized if the sun were blocked out by a cloud of volcano dust, baby…there is no plan B. No sun, no life. Period. SOOOOOOOO, as not to be a fatalist, I say make today count. Be nice. Choose to feel good about yourself. And give as many hugs away as possible…they tend to multiply.