I guess my favorite thing, work wise, is creating a piece of art for an individual. I cannot list the many joys of custom work. It is waaaay too long. It is enjoyable because I get to float in an ocean of color and memories and/or information about that person and really focus in on the task at hand. Seldom do I draw anything on paper…I just tend to let it all flow. Color is usually my jumping off point and I can take it from there. Letting your Higher Self direct you is reminiscent of childhood. Back then, everything you did was new and you just did what came naturally. No analysis or research involved…you just were. It was that simple. I truly enjoy that. Happiness really is that simple. The double dog downhill is when your creation arrives at its destination , taken out of the mile of bubble wrap  and is immediately loved. And now…for my next act…like the Magician’s scarf trick, another one follows.