Well, actually, I DO…several of them. I am an anvil loving, tool using, torch wielding kind of gal! I love fire and metal and glass,hehe…and pearls! (but not all together) As a child, I remember distinctly playing in the creek with frogs, watching mosquito larvae twist violently in a puddle of rain water (which I found FASCINATING by the way!!), catching lightening bugs, making little sculptures from shells I had collected at the beach,  and building forts in the woods.  Science and Art all twisted up together. And I mean twisted. Not “crazy serial killer” twisted or anything that extreme. I guess I spend a lot of time in Michele-land, that wonderful place between my ears where rose-colored glasses are all the rage in fashion.

This week, the sound of hammer on anvil has permeated the studio and I am happy. It does not seem to bother, Lola,  the Greyhound who sleeps on my floor while I work. It is a beautiful ringing tone.  Sweet and resonating. Oh and I also have found the many joys of leather…that is for next time. Until then…hammer on!