Over the years, the one thing I have learned as an independent business owner is to assemble a great team of people around you. Easier said than done. I know unemployment is really high, but there are so many people who have viable jobs but seemingly do nothing…and are apparently happy about it. I am not interested in hearing how your business is in the toilet. You don’t do your job, follow through  or follow up. Be gone with you.

Today, I salute those who do what they say in a timely manner and get the job done!! My list is short, believe me.

Lia Gallegos, http://www.sleepygirl.net who does all of my web stuff, PR, human cattle prodding, and occasionally, my therapist (sorry for that one!!).  She does a great job, has great insight and just plain “knows stuff”. Contact her…she rocks.
Lindsay Milner, owner of http://www.adesignstory.com is a new member of my team.  She specializes in home interiors and consultations for the transformation of any space. Once again…getting the job done.

And Mr. David Gershman of http://www.infogoods.com …lightening fast and quality service for all of your trade show needs. All it took to get something done was one phone call and an e-mail with a file. THAT is how it is done.

Everything great in life hinges on action…not just talk.