Yes, I am Gaga for my furry friends. I am sure Lady Gaga is too! In the far corner of my studio sits a small container of ashes of my beloved Poodle-man, Baxter. It has been over a year since he passed away. I have a line of jewelry geared toward the cremation keepsake market for humans and do pets as well. I am comfortable with the topic. I took it as a sign that if my Baxter is sitting unaddressed, and I am IN the industry…then how many other people out there have similar situations? Our pets are a great part of our families (sometimes the BEST!!). There is not the urgency to gather family and grieve over a pet like we do for our human members and many times they get left, literally, in a corner. Last year, I made several bowls, sun catchers, pendants  and desk top memorials with pet ashes integrated into  glass.  This month, I am adding my pet memorial items to my website. It is time I addressed the whole issue, mine especially. I would love to hear your pet story and maybe have the opportunity to create something in  your pet’s memory.