Naaa, just friends, sans the oil. (BP can suck it) Today I had a candid conversation with my friend Jason Dowd, a fellow Artist, whom I met many years ago when I started an Art Group in my area. We brainstormed for viable ideas to get his newest collection of photos to the public. While dipping into his dark side, he realized how people are connecting to this particular body of work that addresses your ” Dreams, Nightmares,Fears and  Fantasies”. He says it has helped him overcome his fear of spiders while working on a shoot with a big, hairy tarantula. It is really like therapy without the expensive therapist. You can dress in outrageous costumes and live out your wildest or scariest of scenarios, capture it in photos and hang it on your wall as a reminder how you kicked fear in the Ass (and, yes Ass is capitalized because the world revolves around it, but that is another post) ! Then, you get to move on and live your real life…without fear. Wow…I am thinking Jason is brilliant.  Brainstorming with friends is always the best idea of the day. OH, and to conquer your fear du jour, please call Jason.  His rates are reasonable, his work is good, and he loves to have some fun. Go to to book your session