(THIS  is a small departure from  my regular entertaining blog, I promise our regularly scheduled programming will return. I just cannot hold this in any longer)   Now I am not a flamboyant sort of person and not one to cause a ruckus, but I was just reading about the current TEA (Taxed Enough Already)party and the rallies and protests involved. You will never see me at any event. I think the true  path to enlightening our government is to cut to the bottom line, quietly. Middle America holds all of the cards. We pay our taxes, pay our bills and watch our credit scores while the upper sector steals our country blind with loop holes and ear-marks  in legislation. Many non-tax payers drain the system from the other end. It is like some sort of rampant flu that nobody is man enough to cure. We sit idly by doing the right thing. WELL, what if, unilaterally, we all decided we really have had enough. We augment our W-4 form and reduce our tax paying habits, yank our money from big banks, and pay cash for everything we need. Can we ALL go to jail? Na, those are clogged up with other issues. If we don’t kick into the system, then the system cannot survive. Our national debt is through the roof . What happens when we all decide not to pay? NOT PAY? Why that is preposterous…of course we will pay. High salaries for officials, lifetime superior health care, exotic vacations, multiple homes,  bail outs for big banks and the investment sector, you know this list is long. Do you really want to pay these? Oh yeah, a revolution is on the horizon, but not a kicking screaming one…it needs to be quiet, peaceful and diligent.  Last time I checked, when there is nothing left to feed upon, the parasites go away. Middle America needs to see just how powerful it really is…everyone depends upon it! No rally necessary. Put your money, literally, where your mouth is. Change is imminent.