I am a Mom who chose to stay  home and raise the children while Dad trotted off to work. While raising small children, women need some friendly voice outside of the mommy groups and diaper discussions, ew, by the way.  Well, my voice was none other than Oprah.  By the time 4 o’clock rolled around, we had been to the park, washed, eaten several times, napped (not me, them!), played, played some more, cleaned some stuff, done laundry and dishes, etc…it was a FULL day. So now, 4 o’clock is time to sit, plan dinner  and sometimes fold while Oprah shared an hour with you. It was a valuable hour too. You got a glimpse into other worlds that did not always effect your bubble of parenting and people forming. I was thankful for her resonant voice and  undying enthusiasm. I always envisioned myself on Oprah for saving the world in some capacity. Maybe for being a Mom-preneur. Or maybe, one day, I would just get to sit in her audience and bask in the experience. I used to travel for work before staying home with children and Chicago was my business destination a couple of times a year. (LOVE Chicago) I asked my business associate if he could score tickets to her show for me. His reply was something terribly bigoted and appalling. It changed my, already less than stellar, view of him too. Once again, no Oprah. Well, this is her last season and my opportunity has again slipped away. Tickets on-line are the hot tamale du jour and virtually un-score-able.  Now, knowing I will not get to fulfill  my Oprah vision, I feel so bummed even watching this last season. Maybe Oprah will vacation in Florida when she has some down time…you know, after this last season. I still have hope!