Michele Palenik is a fused glass artist with a Marine Biology degree and 20 years of fine jewelry and art experience to her credit. Each hand crafted piece she creates at Purple Cloud Studio, whether it be custom jewelery, decorative housewares, cremation jewelery or bowls of dazzling colors, is a celebration of whimsey, diversity and the unexpected.

Hiya! I am the owner of Purple Cloud Studio, an Artist’s dream of a place to work/create. I abide by a “no boundaries” rule.  As a child, I do not recall having coloring books, only blank paper. Beautiful sheets of white that begged for color and creativity to be lavished upon them, and as an accommodating kind of person, I obliged happily.

Somewhere between dolphin dreams and Jacques Cousteau, I probably have always been an Artist with a Scientist’s spirit. (or vice versa) Either way, I use what I have. I love creating beautiful (and sometimes scary) things from my database of information stuffed into my brain from my higher education. I treasure that information so I hold onto it  tenaciously and let it permeate my work at will.

When designing jewelry, table ware, or home decor, I like to do my own thing and not follow trends. My work speaks to the individual with their own sense of style and eye for quality…cool is not about fitting in , it is about standing out. (I tell my kids that. Do you own thing.) I see myself as the Johnny Depp of the Art World, no challenge too big or too small, and you can guarantee I will “Michele”  it up!

I hope you enjoy my work and knowing that it was created with joy. Be sure to visit my website to see a whole array of the different types of work I do and then swing by my Etsy shop to pick up a little something for yourself or as a gift for someone really special!

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