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Wow, I love the Winter Olympics! All of that snow on TV and people whizzing by the camera on skis, luges, snowboards, etc get me thinking about how happy they must be just BEING there. I find myself smiling at their accomplishments in my living room. Total strangers, but I am so happy for them. They train so hard and take their spills off-camera, ok, well some take them on camera as well.  I admire all of their hard work and focus to compete and complete the task at hand.

The Olympic arena is about giving your very best ALL of the time EVERY day. Pour that idea into your life…every day, all of the time. Focus on a goal and reach it, heck, maybe even exceed it. Try it for a week. Write down the results. Success is within reach. It just takes an Olympic commitment to yourself!

*Side note…I am so looking forward to tonight’s coverage of Shaun White on the halfpipe…THAT looks like so much fun!!! I can’t wait to see what crazy tricks he has been cooking up on his private halfpipe up the mountain!! Only he could drop in from his private helicopter!


I am really kicking my work into high-gear!!! This is my year of taking one of my jewelry lines  to a new level. I did not really make this decision, the Universe made it and it is up to me and my team to listen and make it happen. I am really happy about it because I get bored of doing the same old thing and I work best under some pressure. Deadlines are goals, goals met are achievements and over time…it becomes apparent that you must go to the next level. I know the economy is not at its finest hour, but life still goes on. Consumers still consume…no matter what. Ok, well, if that proverbial mushroom cloud appears on the horizon, then we have a whole different scenario. Until then…as business owners we must press forward.

I have to say, that the first step here is not physical at all, but mental. (being in good physical condition DOES pave the way to mental clarity, no doubt!!)  The words you use and the thoughts you project must be focused and positive. Ideas become tangible. We create this world around us. You attract like energy to your circle of friends and associates. I know it sounds all hoodoo/new agey. BUT, if you really stop to think about how the world works. It does make perfect sense. (think “Onion” “multi-dimensional”)It is a typical case of “be mindful of your mind” as I am reminded by my friend, Spellbinding Sherry. Choose your thoughts and words carefully and go for it!

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