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So this is ME, on any given day. It typifies my daily doings for this year. Oh 2012, how you amuse me.

Really, it is a metaphor for every business. Every day you have new challenges and a high bar to set. I am doing it! Some days it is custom work. I love collaborating with customers to create something wonderful or beautiful or memory-filled, maybe all of the above. Other days I am working on an entire line of wall tiles, or a set of  functional table ware, a keepsake memorial piece, a specialty line of jewelry or a _____ fill in the blank! My sky has no limit. I love the challenge that each day brings and the amazing people I get to meet. It is all about relationships and how we connect to each other. How will I connect to YOU? Challenge me. Hire me for a new project. I will jump through the hoop of fire!

Michele Palenik & Baxter

Michele Palenik & Baxter

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