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Yes, I am Gaga for my furry friends. I am sure Lady Gaga is too! In the far corner of my studio sits a small container of ashes of my beloved Poodle-man, Baxter. It has been over a year since he passed away. I have a line of jewelry geared toward the cremation keepsake market for humans and do pets as well. I am comfortable with the topic. I took it as a sign that if my Baxter is sitting unaddressed, and I am IN the industry…then how many other people out there have similar situations? Our pets are a great part of our families (sometimes the BEST!!). There is not the urgency to gather family and grieve over a pet like we do for our human members and many times they get left, literally, in a corner. Last year, I made several bowls, sun catchers, pendants  and desk top memorials with pet ashes integrated into  glass.  This month, I am adding my pet memorial items to my website. It is time I addressed the whole issue, mine especially. I would love to hear your pet story and maybe have the opportunity to create something in  your pet’s memory.


I am really kicking my work into high-gear!!! This is my year of taking one of my jewelry lines  to a new level. I did not really make this decision, the Universe made it and it is up to me and my team to listen and make it happen. I am really happy about it because I get bored of doing the same old thing and I work best under some pressure. Deadlines are goals, goals met are achievements and over time…it becomes apparent that you must go to the next level. I know the economy is not at its finest hour, but life still goes on. Consumers still consume…no matter what. Ok, well, if that proverbial mushroom cloud appears on the horizon, then we have a whole different scenario. Until then…as business owners we must press forward.

I have to say, that the first step here is not physical at all, but mental. (being in good physical condition DOES pave the way to mental clarity, no doubt!!)  The words you use and the thoughts you project must be focused and positive. Ideas become tangible. We create this world around us. You attract like energy to your circle of friends and associates. I know it sounds all hoodoo/new agey. BUT, if you really stop to think about how the world works. It does make perfect sense. (think “Onion” “multi-dimensional”)It is a typical case of “be mindful of your mind” as I am reminded by my friend, Spellbinding Sherry. Choose your thoughts and words carefully and go for it!

I like good shit. I’ll bet you do too. Would you KNOW good shit if it jumped up and bit you?

Good Shit, as defined by the  Michele-vision dictionary, (And, yes, it does exist) is an item that has the quality of fine craftsmanship applied to fine materials, i.e. high thread-count sheets in Egyptian cotton, satin lined wool pants, etc. *note…EXTRA good shit has a twist of the unusual which may, or may not be accidental. The term “woogly” applies here, but that is yet another day’s blog.

Now apply that to Art and the like, now some of that is subjective, but high quality stands out in a crowd.  If you scrutinize closely, you may ask yourself some simple questions:

1) Does the Artist have a command and  an understanding of his/her medium’s capabilities…did they push the envelope in any way? Take any risks? Do something beyond the border?

2) Are the materials top quality? Does the piece have any rough or sharp edges? Any liability issues pertaining to potential injury? (not that you will get hurt on a painting, but say, a metal sculpture, or  a  glass item)

3) Is the item complete and ready to use/display? With jewelry, is a chain provided with a necklace? A canvas—is it gallery wrapped or does it have a frame. A hanger provided on the back? Does  it have a paper sealed backing? Is it signed? Numbered in a series?

4) Is it durable? Will it be passed onto the next generation? Will anyone fight over it in your Last Will and Testament? (I like this category) Standing the test of time is a good one. My jewelry is heavy, and when I make it I ask myself the question “Can I wing at your forehead and raise a lump?” If the answer is yes, then I have done my job.






OK, I am taking the proverbial plunge, head first, as always.  Hiya! I am the owner of Purple Cloud Studio, an Artist’s dream of a place to work/create. I abide by a “no boundaries” rule.  As a child, I do not recall having coloring books, only blank paper. Beautiful sheets of white that begged for color and creativity to be lavished upon them, and as an accommodating kind of person, I obliged happily.  Somewhere between dolphin dreams and Jacques Cousteau, I probably have always been an Artist with a Scientist’s spirit. (or vice versa) Either way, I use what I have. I love creating beautiful (and sometimes scary) things from my database of information stuffed into my brain from my higher education. I treasure that information so I hold onto it  tenaciously and let it permeate my work at will. When designing jewelry, table ware, or home decor, I like to do my own thing and not follow trends. My work speaks to the individual with their own sense of style and eye for quality…cool is not about fitting in , it is about standing out. (I tell my kids that. Do you own thing.) I see myself as the Johnny Depp of the Art World, no challenge too big or too small, and you can guarantee I will “Michele”  it up!  I hope you enjoy looking at my work and knowing that it was created with joy. See you again soon.



Michele Palenik & Baxter

Michele Palenik & Baxter

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