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don't worry be happy

Pack of what ? you may be asking yourself…hehe,  this “pack” refers to other creatives, other retailers, other sellers of stuff.  The holiday season is  full of twinkling lights, celebratory fanfare, traditional music and many things to distract you as a consumer. Glossy ads and “wish books” get hurled at your doorstep prior to Black Friday to entice you into big box stores with hope of a “great deal”. But what happens after the purchase? Is it beautifully packaged? Is there information about the origination of the item or its creator? Is there a funny/informative story or history behind the purchase? Will the purchase last more than a week? Will the recipient of your gift love it so much they will want more of the same next year? (i.e. collectibles?)

As a creative, I look at all of those aspects of my work.  I work the color purple (hence Purple Cloud Studio) into my packaging every chance I get. I include information about my studio and where you can reach me if you have questions or comments. Over the years,  I have  gotten many unexpected cards and e-mails thanking me for making a gift they received that they absolutely love! The feedback is worth it all. Knowing that I made someone happy seems to be a big part of why I am here. Making you happy makes me happy.



Michele Palenik & Baxter

Michele Palenik & Baxter

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